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Founder's & Chairperson's Messages

King Edward Medical University Lahore Prof.Faisal Masood

Dengue related infections have gripped Pakistan with an unprecedented intensity and magnitude never encountered by Pakistan before. Dengue fever has touched lives adversely, leaving behind tears and fears, scaring the psyche of the nation for at least a short time. In a nation battling with war on terror on multiple fronts, Dengue related morbidity and mortality could not have occurred at a more difficult time. Instead of giving up to this adversity, we decided to stand up and take the challenge head on. Since Dengue related infections are a relatively new disease in this part of the world, doctors’ training and guidance was of paramount importance.For this very purpose Dengue Expert Advisory Group was formed for provision of advanced clinical advice for management of difficult dengue cases a,development of national guidelines and capacity building for medical and paramedical staff.

King Edward Medical University Lahore Prof.Faisal Masood

Dengue is a mosquito borne disease with far reaching implications. Being a disease of modernization and urbanization, it is likely to stay around for a long time. Doctors' awareness and empowerment is the key to successful case load reduction. Continual clinical research and periodical updating of knowledge is important for effective dengue is high time that we unite to combat dengue because its our Life and its our Fight!!

King Edward Medical University Lahore
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